$10,000 Scholarship for Professionals in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam!

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- Is your goal to become a Future Manager/Director in the next 2 years?

- Are you looking for a chance to step-up in your career path?

- You want a course that offers 90% practice and 10% theory?

Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR) is offering a $10,000 worth Scholarship where you will be learning and developing in your favourite field right here in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!

About (VSHR):

* 2013: Started the social research on Vietnamese health ecosystem

* 2017: VSHR Established with the mission is to focus on sustainable developments: health, education and corporation. Provided health support to 100,000 people with 150 members

* 2018: Provided health support to 150,000 people with 260 members

For season 2019, we will provide this people development scholarship for 10 - 15 professionals.

1. Future Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

2. Future Chief Operating Officer (COO)

3. Future Chief Partnership Officer (CPO)

4. Future Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

5. Chief News Officer

6. Future Director

7. Future Manager

8. Future Chief Support Officer

9. Future Project Director

10. Future Chief HR Officer / Chief People Officer

11. Future Chief Marketing Officer

12. Future Chief Medical Officer

13. Future Chief Design Officer

14. Future Chief Fund Raising Officer

Viet Nam Social Health Revolution

A Social Organization to Develop Healthier Future Vietnam.

The scholarship slots are getting filled very fast and there around 5 slots available now. Did you apply yet? Apply now!


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