10 Tips to prepare for your job interview

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Preparing for an interview might seem intimidating, but there are several steps you can take to prepare yourself for a successful interview. In this article, we create an interviewing prep checklist with 10 items.

Preparing for an interview primarily means taking time to thoughtfully consider your goals and qualifications relative to the position and employer. To accomplish this, you should follow the tips below.

1. Do your research - when you are invited for a job interview you should ideally do your research about the company or the institution offering you a  scholarship program. Research provides you with deeper understanding about the organization that makes you more confident and presents you as a legit and more mature  well-suited candidate. 

2. Make a plan to present what you're gonna do after getting that position. When you talk about what you are going to achieve and plans for the future, it helps to understand the interviewee to understand how comfortable and prepared you are . In an interview for  scholarships  you can explain how you want to give back to the community . While interviewing for an ambassador program or you're interviewing for a club member program you talk about what you're going to achieve in that role if you become a club member or you're going to give back to the club and so on. 

3. Review the top 100 interview questions. Google around and you can find those top 100 Questions which you should go through . Practicing the top hundred commonly practiced interview questions was one of the very crucial results to go through this one and be mentally be prepared for the common questions .

4. Prepare at least three reasons stating your strengths and weaknesses. Reasons why you're outstanding and why you are really suitable for this job showcase our expertise , background and your project experience and the weakness help in understanding the path of self growth and potential to improve. 

5. Carry your materials like a notebook where you have different kinds of points you have written down. This can be used to refer to the research  share notes .Also you can take notes about what is said in the interview to remember it and  show your interviewer that you are well prepared and ready for the positions or really for the scholarships that are given out.

6. Prepare your own set of questions. Pick your set of questions which you want to ask an interviewer about some information you cannot find but talk about .Topics include the strategy , or the next level of this position or about the culture of the organization.

7. Dress like a professional.  Avoid dressing up in t-shirts and shorts or being overdressed .You should look professional enough for the position you are applying . First impressions are very crucial. 

8. Introduce yourself well. There is a 99%  chance that the first questions would be to introduce yourself or tell a little bit about you. Prepare two to three minutes of a short , specified ,clear and interesting description of yourself where you mention a little bit about you and your achievements and what you want to achieve in that role as well. This might trigger some questions which are positive as they find your description interesting.

9. Practice makes one perfect. You should actively participate in mock sessions and  be using all your practice sessions to the maximum . Practice helps with the flow and prepares you to be more comfortable to answer them on the day it matters. 

10. End graciously - Always shake your interviewer’s hands after the interview commences. Do not just walk away but thank them and try to shake their hands. This shows respect and connection and it goes a long way.

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Follow these tips and successfully walk out of your next interview with a shot at your dream job

➡️ Review the top 100 commonly asked questions during the interview. 

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