How can CRM help with Marketing campaigns?

1. Is CRM software a marketing support ?

CRM - Customer Relationship Management CRM and Marketing campaign is a term that has become popular in the world today. It shows an important trend in marketing from focusing on increasing sales to focusing on customer relationship management. Advertising and marketing different products and services requires marketing specialists to have different marketing methods and strategies to reach their target customers. But the most important thing is to understand and know what the customer wants. Understanding customers, that is the basic factor to create a successful marketing campaign.

2. See how CRM can help your company's Marketing campaign

One of the unique features of SugarCRM is the integration of functions for successful Marketing programs. This function helps you to optimize the efficiency on a unit that you invest, to create, implement, manage and track the success of Marketing campaigns, resulting in increased revenue and generating revenue. profit.

Gather information more easily. Maximizing efficiency using the large amount of information in your database is often a difficult problem for marketers. They must regularly monitor interactions from customers, target customers, information about them, the flow of service history information with them and you will build this information into system over time. This is the easiest and most convenient way.

Target customers precisely. CRM software can allow you to search for any package of information that is stored in the system. This allows you to pinpoint the exact customer you want to contact. After that, you can conduct other campaigns such as Marketing via email, phone calls, etc., in a short time.

2.1 CRM creates flexible information exchange between Marketing's database and other departments to give customers a better experience.

The results are automated. CRM software allows you to accurately track, analyze and evaluate your marketing campaigns. You can create an annual event automatically, according to your requirements and wishes. Continuously monitor metrics such as cost per customer, opportunity cost, number of sales contracts, total number of contracts generated in each campaign, etc., and other metrics… Integrated email function. CRM brings a new breath of email integration in annual Marketing activities. The CRM solution will provide a comprehensive two-way approach to Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, so you can easily interact through a variety of tools

2.2 The Marketing Process provides input for the smooth running of the sales cycle

In short, with CRM, you have the power to control information. All you need to do is develop your marketing message. CRM will do the rest, is to convey marketing messages and track marketing results easily and quickly. Give your company a competitive edge over your competitors by using your CRM system flexibly and efficiently. The correct CRM solution will give your company a new look, provide the perfect customer care solution, and help you win the “contract wars”, helping your business grow more.

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