25 GUP Scholarship offer letters already provided for the Vietnamese youth on season 2020

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After running two impactful seasons of Genius Upskill Scholarship program (GUP). In last two season VSHR sponsored around 100 scholarships to inspire and up skill the Vietnamese youth.

After achieving that level impact VSHR was been super inspired to bring more support for develop the future of the country. So VSHR aim to provide 200 scholarships on 2020 in two intakes.

GUP SCHOLARSHIP 2020 intake 1 application round is closed on 20 May 2020. Here is the GUP 2020 progress so far !!!

Interview of the applicants so far: 70.

RASE Scholarship all interview completed. Other 3 - share for life, Live and Love and First Aid Hero Factory, interview and selection is still happening.

Issued offer letters: 25

So far 25 offer letters are being issued for the Vietnamese youth, which is values 240 M VND.

VSHR is aiming to offer more scholarships in take 1 following the interview and selection around.

Did you apply? Keep checking your email for offer letters and interview invitations!!!

Missed the intake 1? On 2020, there will be two intakes of GUP !!!

The application for the GUP 2020 Intake 2 is open NOW ! So apply now for intake 2 !!! Here



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