3-D digital human hearts to fight back the CVDs mortality rate.

Recently I wrote an article about, Healthcare 4.0 is not a myth anymore and it's happening now. There are 12 technology and Innovations are going to reshape the healthcare on 2020. Though my this article series I will give you a good understanding of each of this technology innovations and why they are reshape the healthcare on 2020. Let's call this series care2020 (#care2020) and this is the part 8. Previous was one was - This is starting with Walmart-ification of health care not uber -ification.

Let's start with this burning question -

Any Idea how many people are dying every year due to heart disease ?

In medical science the heart disease is call CVD (cardiovascular diseases). For this World Health Organization (WHO) did a survey world wide on 2016 cases and published a fast sheet, and here are the numbers -

An estimated 17.9 million people died from CVDs in 2016, representing 31% of all global deaths. Of these deaths, 85% are due to heart attack and stroke. Over three quarters of CVD deaths take place in low- and middle-income countries.

CVD is fatal! What do we see on those numbers? Too many people with suspected heart problems, invasive catheterization is necessary to diagnose blocked or narrowed arteries.

So how about the treatment? Doctors must choose the best method for improving blood flow from a handful of options, including balloon angioplasty and stenting.

Charles Taylor, a former Stanford professor, started HeartFlow to help patients avoid invasive diagnostic procedures and improve treatment outcomes. The company’s system creates personalized 3-D models that can be rotated and zoomed into, so doctors can simulate various approaches on screens. In some cases, it can help avoid invasive procedures entirely.

Duke University cardiologist Manesh Patel said-

“By adding the HeartFlow … to our available resources for diagnosing stable coronary disease, we are able to provide patients with better care as we evaluate risk,”.

Well, this needs to be more tested and already there are POC happened and going to happen more. That means what we used to see in science fiction movie in even 5 years ago, are going to happen real soon, most likely by 2020. That's why I picked this technology innovation which is going to reshape the healthcare on 2020.

The next article is on 6th technology and innovation, will reshape the healthcare in 2020 - Rehab in virtual reality and maximize the time


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