30 Teams are being selected for Vietnam's Amazing Student 2019 First round !

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

We organizers, the Judge panel are all blown by your outstanding registration videos !!

But for the sake of the contest rules, first round selection how it happened - We selected 70 teams and then the final section total around 30 teams are being selected for the first round of Vietnam's Amazing student. The judge panel found something special in your registration application so you are being selected for the first round ! The Selected 29 teams for first round of Vietnam's Amazing Student 2019 are :

Timekeepers, Flames, Sunshine, Fairies Team, Say What, AMR, C.A.N, N2P, The Rainbow, DPTH, Rose thorn, Healthy Little Owls, SharkTeam, Talking House, Amazing Student, SummitVAS, Sun flower, The Red Pill, The TUNA, BE team, N.Y.C, Sunshine , PAPAYA, The Turtles, Team Bomb, CLB Y học dự phòng (#phattrienbanthan #timkiemdongdoi #duanvisuckhoe), SUNSHINE, The Wolf, JHs


Your First Round Starts NOW!! Stay close to your email to get the updates, project folder. Closer to VSHR Social hub to get all the updates!

Cheers!! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!!

For the Teams who are not selected for the first round

You are amazing already because you stood up and registered! Showed your energy and passion! Please don't be upset about that. Your application was great but unfortunately as judge had  to select a certain number.

Let's bounce back on season 2020 !

Feel free to contact Vietnam Social Health Revolution FB page if you need any support for your project. We are always beside you!

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