“Good people improve working speed with tools

Smart people find new tools to improve working speed"

Currently as a recruiter, do you still use excel files and email to manage candidates? Have to process and review 10 CVs, 50 CVs or 100 CVs every day with just one information file and standard excel file for recruitment?

Take a moment and think about changing tools to make recruiting easier! Currently on the market, there are many applications and platforms for users to track recruitment status. Have you heard of them?

I. BambooHR

BambooHR is one of the complete human resource platforms with many popular functions such as application tracking system, candidate database, and candidate information management and evaluation. This software is being used by many businesses to manage the recruitment process. The advantage of BambooHR tool is its easy-to-use interface and meets all the needs of human resource management. Examples include activities such as integrated applicant tracking, digital signatures, database systems, and performance management.


The current XOR is a chatbot model that supports the recruitment process by using artificial intelligence. The hiring process involves repetitive tasks like screening candidates, scheduling interviews, updating benefits, and HR can leverage XOR to respond to candidates whenever they are in need or have a question that needs to be answered. The HR department will target the most talented candidates, XOR combine with the most popular media channels and recruitment sites. XOR helps businesses recruit faster, save money and better candidate experience.

III. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a user-friendly recruitment management software that provides a 360-degree view of your candidates and recruitment needs. Every step of the hiring process is tracked and documented to serve as the basis for visual instructions.

Manage candidate data: Using the candidate page tool, HR staff can review a candidate's complete profile including name, profile picture, contact data (email, phone, address) and social links. In particular, Zoho Recruit has a tree diagram interface and stores candidate data corresponding to each status (contacted, unqualified, rejected,...)

Screening and evaluating candidates: The screening feature of the software works on the basis of predefined criteria that each candidate needs to meet. If a CV does not fulfill any of those criteria, it will be automatically withdrawn unless the employer wishes to review the details.

Automated Email: The built-in Zoho Phonebridge app allows recruiters to easily schedule, set reminders from within the system interface, and send bulk emails to candidates.

Reporting: Zoho Recruit develops a fairly complete reporting feature on the status of job positions, the number of candidates in each recruitment stage of each position, the rate of effective posting sources,...

IV. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a next generation recruiting software that is one of the most customizable HR systems on the market today. This software supports users in various recruitment activities including recruitment planning, sourcing candidates, managing interview rounds and organizing post-recruitment activities.

Candidate data management: Greenhouse software uses a candidate pipeline management model.

Screening and evaluating candidates: The software will automatically accept or reject a candidate based on pre-set criteria by the recruiter. Greenhouse's strength is that it has a process to evaluate the appropriate skills, characteristics and qualifications of candidates according to the scorecard.

Automated Email: The software will automatically send email notifications to recruiters, candidates and any other person participating in the interview. Online surveys are also regularly emailed to measure candidate experience and receive valuable feedback.

Reporting: On the basic plan, the reporting feature is nearly inefficient. In the advanced packages, Greenhouse has developed a new feature with 30 core reports to give an accurate view of the quality of recruitment sources, application time and recruitment success rate; then connect the reports to Google Sheets and update continuously. In addition, the software integrates with the Greenhouse Predicts app to predict the likelihood of hiring candidates on time.

Integration API: Greenhouse has the ability to integrate very well with external software and applications. They form a platform with Greenhouse as the center and surrounded by applications for HRIS, CRM, job research, optimization and recruitment analysis,...

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