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Do you want to accelerate recruitment but face poor internal HR experience?

Is your internal HR not working effectively and need to recruit staff urgently?

With the experience of working with many businesses, VSHR Pro Academy offers different HR solutions - RPO solutions for each situation and each business case!

Flexible solutions, helping businesses and achieving recruitment goals is the direction of RPO from VSHR Pro Academy!

1. RPO Talent

The solution with the lowest cost and also the most basic solution provided by VSHR Pro Academy. At this solution, the TA (Talent Acquisition) team helps businesses find candidates that match the JD (Job Description) that the business provides.

In addition, VSHR Pro Academy supports businesses to search and filter the list of candidates through short interviews between candidates and the TA team to deliver to businesses a short list of qualified and suitable candidates!

2. RPO Lite

Instead of just supporting the search, screening, and prequalification process, the RPO Lite solution helps businesses with internal HR speed up the recruitment process as well as improve inadequacies during the process.

To do this, VSHR Pro Academy provides a separate consulting TA group for internal HR to achieve recruitment goals. This is one of the cost-effective solutions for businesses, while helping internal HR gain more experience in the recruitment process under the support of the TA team.

3. RPO Smart

How about the TA team didn't just play an advisory role?

VSHR Pro Academy's RPO Smart is a human resource solution that directly participates in internal HR work with businesses.

By participating in the recruitment process as a member of internal HR, the TA team works at the company, solves problems as soon as they are encountered, accompanies the enterprise throughout the recruitment process and delivers results as follows: planned plan.

4. RPO Max

The most effective HR solution, achieving high productivity and businesses do not need to spend too much effort in tracking the recruitment process.

At this optimal RPO Max solution, VSHR Pro Academy helps businesses complete recruitment tasks from the first step of searching - screening to the final interview between businesses and candidates. The RPO Max solution focuses on results, the ultimate goal is the quality and quantity of candidates businesses are in need!

Are you looking for someone for an important position for your business? Or busy preparing for upcoming interviews? Come to the HR service of VSHR Pro Academy, share with us about the problem you are facing!


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