4 Tips on how to create and keep your personal brand unique and engaging

Believing that you already have all the assets to build your personal brand but don't know where and how to start ? Wondering how to build viable business around your personal brand ? 

Personal brand is vital to both applying for a job and starting your own company since it is the unique combination of skills and experiences that make you different from others. In today’s increasingly digital world, personal brand is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s expected. It’s essential to build a personal brand that helps you stand out and communicate a unique identity and clear value to potential employers or clients.

Creating a personal brand could be an intimidating and challenging process to some. Perplexity during the beginning phase could cause you to get lost in the process. However, by following these 5 golden rules, your personal brand developmental process would be smoothen out and help you create an authentic and inviting personal brand.

1. Have a focus

People tend to want to be "everything to everyone", they aspire to create a well-rounded profile that touches on many different fields without realising that none of those information really stand out. Come up with a with a title that you want to be known for the most and develop it into your own trademark. Additionally, creating a narrower and more focused could help others remember you easier and leave a longer impression.

2. Embrace networking and take the initiative

Networking should not be overlooked during the development of your personal brand. You could not just expect to build a brand without disseminating it's values and qualities. By reaching out to other people, you are showing them brand that you have been building, be proactive and take the initiative as much as possible to widen your network is an indispensable step towards a successful personal brand.

3. Prepare elevator pitch

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" - John Wooden. It's never redundant to have a speech about yourself made ready when you are building your personal brand. This will rapidly increase your confidence and credibility towards potential clients or company and enhance your chance of standing out.

4. Reinvent your personal brand as you grow

We all outgrow who we once were at some point along the way and it happens to your personal brand as well. Be mentally and professionally prepared for these moments to come crashing in and be willing to change as well as adapt to the new image of yourself that is built on better and more refined values.

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