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CMO - Chief Marketing Officer is a position that not only needs creativity and sensitivity to the market, but also needs to be rational and tough in the process of leading and making decisions for the department and the business.

In this position, even academic knowledge, soft skills and working psychology all play an important role in becoming a more comprehensive CMO.


Understanding of the field of Business - Marketing - People

An effective Marketing Campaign determines the success or failure of the entire marketing department's preparation and investment. At this point, the CMO role becomes very important as the leader in implementation. Therefore, the CMO needs enough knowledge to deliver the most valuable message. And of course, the basic knowledge of finance, business administration, law, ... will also support CMO on the path of comprehensive development.

Understanding of technology and digital

The explosive era of digital has created a great operating environment for the business administration industry. Therefore, to keep up with the times and bring breakthroughs in campaigns, CMOs need to improve knowledge of technology everyday.


Relationship building skills in communication and leadership

Not only need to understand professional knowledge, CMO is also a c-suite leader, so building relationships, psychology in communication and leadership is an important skill. Those skills support CMOs to be more convenient in the process of internal business work as well as build good relationships with partners and customers so that the cooperation is valuable, bringing satisfaction to both parties.

Creative thinking, breakthrough

Marketing is an art, CMO is a leading "artist" in the Marketing department. A really unique Marketing campaign, not the old way, with 1 0 2 of the campaign to attract customers and surprise them with creativity.

Keep a "cold head and a hot heart"

As a leader and also a decision maker, CMO must keep his/her own opinion, not easily influenced by the opinions of others. and surrounding factors.


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