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Do you desire to be a leader? Always want to improve yourself to become a good leader?

The CEO is the person who outlines the path of the business, and is an important key on all activities of the organization.

To be a CEO is not only good at leadership, proficient in professional knowledge, capable of mobilizing and leading a team to move forward, but also must understand the psychology of employees and their partners.

In particular, the 5 basic qualities of a CEO that should be known are:

  • Have a foresight

  • Quick adaptability

  • Effective teamwork

  • High sense of responsibility

  • Principles of living and working properly

Have a foresight

The CEO is the guide, the planner. They need to have foresight, need to think about unexpected outcomes, possible limitations, difficulties, things to adjust in the future, and allot time to implement the plan and action.

A CEO possessing foresight will help businesses reach the goals, minimize risks and avoid unwanted arising.

Quick adaptation

With the rapidly changing and every day innovation of the business environment, enterprises can stick to the plan for 1 year, but can still change the details to adapt to the inadequacy.

At this time, the higher the adaptability of a leader, the faster the speed of integration and adaptation to change will be. Market demand never stands still, therefore, a CEO who can prepare and adapt well to change will help businesses develop sustainably.

Effective teamwork

When a company gets the price, the CEO is the person who stands in front of the representative of the business, but to be honored, behind the business is a large collective. A smart CEO will always need members of the C-suits and team to contribute ideas to build the most successful strategy and implementation.

Team members and human resources are invaluable, they deserve to be respected, to be heard, to be respected for their opinions and freedom to express their personal views. Because in the end, the goals set by the company, the people who perform it are still the employees. The CEO can't always be in charge and cover everything, so cherish those who are walking the same path as you, towards the same business goal.

High sense of responsibility

As the person who decides the business development strategy and the leader in building the collective spirit, the CEO has long been not only the person with the highest authority but also the person with the greatest influence.

A responsible CEO sets an example for his subordinates. Responsible for decision making, responsible for choosing the right person to do the right job to help get the job done effectively.

Right principles of life

The principle of living right with everyone is what CEOs need. Attitudes, behaviors, and ways of using words in building relationships with shareholders, investors, employees and the public reflect the image of the CEO and the image of an enterprise. A person who is always polite and thoughtful will be more easily trusted than someone who only communicates out of courtesy and puts interests first.

Having the right life principles is not only about presenting yourself as a good person, but the CEO must also demonstrate the ability to solve problems with understanding and compassion.


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