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A strong company culture is the key to encouraging business members to face the changing workload, responsibilities, and high demands of customers as the business grows.

Culture should not only focus on the expectations, values ​​and beliefs of the organization that employees understand, lie within. It is also the psychology of the administrator in taking care of the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of each employee.

1. Clear cultural goals

The most important thing is to set common goals for all employees, gradually concretizing them into specific habits and behaviors for employees to apply directly. The first step is also the most important step for employees to get used to the quick change without being shocked.

2. Infusing cultural values ​​into daily work

Corporate culture values ​​and working spirit are like a "song", a slogan that managers must repeat over and over in their employees' daily work, so that employees can remember and understand that they need to join and become a member like that.

Specifically, you can intertwine the company's cultural values ​​and give specific cases in the work of each business department to help employees easily visualize and remember.

Corporate culture also lies in how you treat employees. As rewards and leave policies both have a direct and tangible impact on their psychology and actions. You can assign multiple tasks in different aspects to each employee instead of each person focusing on only one task. Or say no to assignments and deadlines at the weekend to balance life and work.

3. Keep employees insiders

The way to build an effective corporate culture should include time for meetings, hands-on experiences and experience sharing sessions between members. These facilitated conversations help build teamwork, resolve internal conflicts, and help reinforce employees' trust in the team and the business.

4. Create motivation to promote the effort

Managers' benefits as a business grows are obvious, and employees deserve something, too. An interesting fact is that employees prefer simple recognition over tangible rewards. So, when an employee makes a positive contribution to the new culture that you expect, don't hesitate to give them a compliment in the meeting to acknowledge and affirm their contribution.

5. Leaders and managers are directly present

Although there were specific goals from the beginning, the culture quickly shaped and moved in the right direction depending on the efforts of the managers. You and your C-levels team should spend a few days working on the front lines - in direct contact with your customers or products/services. Thereby, you will understand what you need to build in the culture to benefit the team the most.

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