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Under the CEO, a business needs management positions in different departments to support the CEO in managing and monitoring the company's business activities.

There are 5 criteria which Mr. Dao Quang Thuan - CEO of BEDLINKER concern about when recruiting management staff for his own business.

1. Work experience

Job experience is an important factor to help a CEO evaluate your ability. Between an experienced employee and a fresh graduate, the advantage of an experienced employee is much greater. With working experience, businesses will save costs as well as training time, and the work process will be executed faster. However, the CEO also considers when choosing individuals with little experience but a solid knowledge base.

2. Communication skills

How to use words, expressions, and handling situations are all communication skills. This is the most intuitive way for the CEO to evaluate when hiring employees. Through interviews, conversations, the CEO can basically understand the other person's personality or even understand the other person's thinking and knowledge through words.

Therefore, training yourself in communication skills is a prerequisite for building your own image as well as getting the job you want.

3. Attitude at work

Attitude is another important factor that leaders pay great attention to. An employee with a good work attitude, behavior and handling of situations will create a good impression in the eyes of others. Then other people treat themselves better, more friendly and willing to help instead of alienating or deliberately making it difficult for themselves in the process of working.

4. Management style

The management style of an employee has a great relationship with corporate culture. The management method of each level of management will determine the productivity and work progress. Therefore, when hiring an employee for a management position, the CEO must clearly understand how that person's management style is. Only when their way of working is consistent with the corporate culture can junior employees communicate and work with them easily. Then there will be unity and transparency in work as well as in management.

5. Education background

A transparent, honest, clear and quality education level is an important basic factor that not only management level, when recruiting executive staff, employers need to pay attention and check transparency of the certificate of education. A person's reliable knowledge base will determine the business results as well as the success in the operation of the business.

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