5 ways to increase customer engagement

When the market share has become more crowded and given more choices for potential customers, marketers can not overlook the importance of customer engagement campaigns. In order to acquire, convert, retain buyers, then turn them into advocates, your brand should connect with them constantly, effectively in a meaningful manner.

It's not the time for solely relying on catchy slogans or celebrity endorsement anymore. Digital platforms have given us many opportunities to interact with customers anytime and anywhere. Here 7 ways that you can implement and customize specifically for your business landscape:

1. Offer helpful and relevant content:

Take adequate time researching and talking with your customers to drill down their challenges and needs. Don't limit your products or business relationship; you can reach out to the elements surrounding your customer, such as their job. You can regularly share relevant and helpful content or knowledge, which helps to improve your customer's life experience or better performance. Especially if consumers' success is highly associated with connecting with your brand or using the products, your company has a chance to foster a healthy and long relationship with them.

2. Create a customer community on social media

At the building stage, buyer persona development is one of the most critical keys to drive your company's success since it helps attract the right target audience. Therefore, consumers belonging to your company are the source of relevant information and experience. They are in common relating to circumstances, challenges or problems, and even victories - so they can relate to each other. Moreover, people tend to give more and learn more to perform better in life, and hence customers have found the way to overcome certain issues that can help those struggling with the same problems. One decent community for a specific group of people is also a beautiful virtual world where your customers can release their pressure or tackle much stress in their lives, even keeping them lifelong learning from your educational content. In this community, you can celebrate your company milestone achieved by a part of your customers' investment and share the product's update, new courses, or certificate available on your training program. Being resilient to foster your community is a fantastic way to engage with customers, inspire loyalty, and get a sense of how customers feel and what needs to review and improved.

3. Create a customer academy online

Towards 2021 and beyond, people tend to lifelong learning. If someone wants to buy your product for long-term use, they may require knowing related things regards what they're using at a deeper level, from primary to advanced. And product training is one of the most effective ways to retain your customers and become a part of their life. These courses can include skills training, certifications, more advanced ways to use your product, etc. Sometimes it's as simple as your customers actually knowing all your product can do. Moreover, it's important to create a place containing all of your materials that are available and accessible for customers to get their job done effectively at any time. Online training will allow you to be open to your prospects 24/7, and hence it will be perfect for your onboarding customers and continuous engagement.

4. Award engagement

A simple way to get commitment and loyalty genuinely from your customers is by creating award programs at the sale point or purchasing place. Make sure your reward program matches your product and customer's goals, and keep in mind this relationship should be a win-win situation. If you wonder what your customers value the most, it's best to conduct a survey or ask directly to plan for an award campaign.

5. Get your customers' feedback and ideas

Your customers are one of the best sources for many aspects of the company. As you building buyer persona and work toward their needs, and ultimately the buyers will have experience with your products, so they can perceive some key information about what's good, what's need to be cut off, or leverage regarding your products. That is why you should make sure to implement a regular way to collect their feedback in a place through surveys, polls, or interviews. This is also a great way to have additional interactions with your customers and show them that their information is important and appreciated. Moreover, you may need to step up your strategy. Let them know whenever you change or executive new features on your products or services based on your customers' suggestions. Show them their feedback was heard and acted upon.

Finally, embed your customers in the organization's culture is a way to create an emotional bond with your company stronger than the business aspect of the day.

These strategies above are not one-size-fits-all, and you may need to customize based on your company landscape, but customer engagement will certainly rise if you can implement at least as well as act for them. Whatever you do, keep in mind that human likes to be heard, recognized, respected and a part of something bigger, and hence if you can make them feel in this way, they are less likely to leave you.


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