7 Exclusive Tips to Get Your Team High Performing Individuals

Have you ever been part of a great team at work? A team where you love to come to work every morning, a team that charges you up with energy, and a team that encourages you to accomplish goals you thought were impossible. On this team you feel a great sense of belonging and believe that others have your back in every situation. This team makes work fun, exciting and an adventure every day.

If you have not, here are my 7 tips to build a high performance team from a solid interview for your company, business, startup, or whichever working environment.

1. Hire the people who you will like to work with, don't just hire the people who you want them to work for you.

2. Pay attention to how the candidate is listening, and judge if the candidate is actually listening or just pretending to listen.

3. Don't just go with a traditional structured interview, focus on how the candidate build up the conversation with you, and how they support the conversation with data or facts or professional life stories.

4. Listen to your gut feeling.

5. Assess the level of hunger, smartness and humble in the candidate. A proper mixture of those three in a balanced manner enables someone to be a great team player.

6. Pay attention to their body language during the interview and how they are responding.

7. Focus on their capabilities, what personal and professional values they are living with.

In addition, look at their previous roles and background and ask related questions, expect them to tell you their old stories. They often will try to use "WE", instead, tell them to use "I", as you want to hear their personal contribution on those particular projects.

If there is any concern, watch this for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lI4-015UUs


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