75% career stucked professionals stayed on job they did not like for 1+ years

We knew normally, a lot of people stay in jobs for 2-3 years even after realizing it’s not for them in 2-3 weeks of joining. In our social research on the Vietnamese industry we found that a big truth. We were asking to the professional who are in career stuck, did they stay that situation?

75% professionals who are stuck in career said yes they stay that situation 1- 2 times in their career!

And we asked them back, why did they stay in that situation?

70% of them said, they did not want to change because short stays will not look good in their resume.

So I decided to write this article for more people to understand this: If you submit your resume and a company rejects you because you only worked somewhere for 2-3 months …

you probably wouldn't want to work there anyway!

If you get an interview and they question you on it, you can explain it in 1 of 3 ways:

1. You could say that you used self-awareness to recognize that it wasn’t a good fit so you moved on.

2. You could say that you were sold a bag of goods that weren’t real. But stay very respectful about that company when you are saying it.

3. Or you could talk about how you uncovered a new interest or how your life took a different turn.

The thought of people in their 20s and 30s working in jobs they hate for 2-3 years and then that create the following

  • Lack of career development interest

  • Do things which they don't like so they grow themselves

And finally 75% of them resulting to their own career stuck, it really stocks me!
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