8 Simple Ways to Be Productive and Motivated

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Do you feel that your to-do list is getting longer and longer, but you are getting less and less motivated? In balancing work, family life and personal relationships, it seems that there must be a better way to improve work efficiency. This is true under normal circumstances, but it may be even more so now. During the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, many of us are working from home and dealing with new disturbances.

Here are 8 ways to improve work efficiency:

1. Wake up at the same time every day

Rhiannon Staples, a corporate culture expert and CMO for Hibob, a people management platform, said getting into a routine can be one of the best ways to stay productive, especially when working from home. "Try to wake up at similar times each day, exercise if you’re accustomed to it, eat breakfast/have your morning coffee, and then sit down at your computer to start the workday." She explained that sticking to a schedule will help you stay organized and as much as possible. Be vigilant, because when you know what's going to happen, starting a new day is less overwhelming no matter what dish you have.

2. Do something good for yourself

For Marie Kondo, a Netflix star and best-selling author of "Life-Changing Organizing Magic: The Art of Organizing and Organizing in Japan," starting your morning with "energetic" is very important to improve work efficiency. According to Kondo, your morning ritual includes opening windows, burning incense and praying, but your morning routine should make you relaxed, energetic and motivated, whether it’s a 30-minute yoga class, written in your daily life, Reading, meditating or preparing a healthy breakfast.

3. Start every day with a plan

Before you work in the morning, create a priority to-do list. It is always a good practice to solve the most difficult and most difficult factors first. Difficult things are easy to push and postpone, but if you succeed, you will gain the confidence and motivation to complete the remaining tasks listing.

4. Make your phone less distracting while you work

Need a little help avoiding the temptation to check out all these cool social media apps? In addition to turning off notifications, you may find it helpful to change your phone's screen to grayscale, which will remove all colors from the screen and reduce irritation.

5. Set an intention before each activity

We recommend that you stay vigilant before changing tasks. For example, after putting your child to sleep, take a minute to decide how you want to connect with your partner, whether to talk about the day's things, watch a movie, or get to know each other better. At work, choose to really enjoy lunch or coffee break. This will help recharge your mind and increase your efficiency before the next transition.

6. Limit meetings

At this time, work from home has a strong zoom conference. Limit the meeting to 30 to 45 minutes to collect attention to the task at hand. Please note the invitation you accept. If you have an active role in the meeting or if you have a positive role at the conference, you have a fair role if you need to join, you will be invited to many meetings too many meetings, do you find something? Block some of your most productive time on your calendar.

7. Regular breaks every day

"If you don’t give your brain a break, you may end up in an internet rabbit hole instead of working..." said Laura Vanderkam, author of Off The Clock and a time management speaker, and she recommends taking a short break. Your working day. During this time, go for a walk, take the dog out, have a cup of coffee or snacks, connect with friends or family, exercise quickly at home, or listen to new podcasts.

8. Take care of yourself first

Being too busy is often an excuse to avoid sports and your favorite hobbies, but putting yourself first is essential. Watch a 10-minute YouTube video that will make you smile, enjoy a cup of chamomile tea, listen to a good song, light a scented candle, and indulge in some well-deserved self-care.


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