80% Senior Students and young professional said they are really busy. Are they really busy?

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Recently we run a social survey among the following to age groups

  • Senior Student - Age group 20 - 22

  • Young Professionals - Age group 22 - 27

In the present survey among the professionals age group 22 - 28 years, showed that 80% of the professionals are not taking any additional learning support programs. Now present the next stage currently the team is analyzing the following the questions among those age group who said -

We are really busy.....

Then we are raising the question to those two age group these three question, which really going to help them to understand - why actually making them busy, are those really busy with right thing? If you are in those age group, let's answer so you can also find out those question really vital questions answer. Because your life's success depends on those answer. So let's Start -

  • How much times do you spend in face book Everyday? (Let's Call X hour)

  • How much times do you spend on play games everyday? (Let's Call Y hour)

  • How many times do you meet your friends and you talk about others? (Let's Call Z hour)

So total time of these case X+Y+Z

And the social team is bringing up the follow two questions

  • How much times do you spend every day to learn things to develop yourself, ur career? (Let's Call A hour)

  • How how much time do you spend everyday for creating positive social impact? (Let's Call B hour)

So total time is A+B

So now let's make the ratio between X+Y+Z and A+B ! What do you see for yourself?

Currently our social research team is still collecting the data, we will come back to you with their answer of ratio, but by this time, please answer your questions. You are welcome to email us your values of A, B, X, Y, and Z as well to vietnam.health.revolution@gmail.com.

Here is the burning point:

Time is our biggest asset for our life. We get employment, and top two things we lend to that company is our skills and our times.

So This so much important for our life, how we utilize our biggest asset "time" with right purpose.

It's not about doing the many things and get busy, but to understand the values of different activities of life, set the right priority about them and spend time accordingly. Otherwise our life is will not go toward, what we want to achieve !

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