80% Top management want to hire a follower! How do you expect to have leaders in organization?

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Recently we run a social interview session among a set of senior managers in Vietnamese industry. And we were seeking their feedback about how they are hiring their people to work in their team. So asked them the following

How much do you prefer to someone already worked in your team, to rehire that person in your new organization's team?

80% of them mentioned, they will prefer to hire that person rather then someone completely new to them. They also mentioned another vital point too

Because those people can work together with them, understand them and follow their direction.

And bingo we got another callout of this hiring system. The burning questions is -

If you are always hiring great followers. How do you expect to have great leaders in your organization?

This is a major part many senior management is missing in their hiring process and finally ending up having no leaders. Because when you have leaders

The leaders tell you what to do, as top management you facilitate them, trust them, support them, INSPIRE them to achieve greater positive results for your organization/company.

If you keep hiring followers, then you will be always ending up saying what to do to them, and they will wait until you tell them what to do!

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