A great recipe for success - do WORK with LOVE!

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

In your young age, Many of us used to think about dream job. We often think about a company, brand name and wish to be there one day. But in reality there are many people who never meet their dream job company, some of them finally get with the dream job too but finally featured out that they are not enjoying working for that company, not matching to the expectation.

What I have seen in my life is, actually there is not dream job in the world, the employee experience all depends on the experience of a company, process, culture and most importantly people you are/will be working with.

When we do our job, it's so important that we put our love in the work we do. It's hard to love the work for many cases, many people even working for money to make the living. So I prefer to say - it's important to use to produce the right result for our role in an organization, so we better put our love in work to ensure we do the right things.

It can go another way too. If you see that the work you do, you cant put love on that, the people around you to stop you putting love at your work. Then clearly you are not in a right organization. If are in such situation and still staying for your living, but such organization actually slowing down your career progression, skill development, and also creating a tiredness for work inside you. So my strong recommendation is, If you have even enough saving for 3 - 6 months living, you should step away from such organization and join a organization where you will be able to put your love at work. If you stay such organization for long run, it will also kill your all internal powers slowly - passion, motivation, vision etc.

From my own life, I everyday realized that how much important to put my LOVE at work. The things I have achieved in my life so far, one of the key reasons is, the way I put my LOVE at work. By the way, don't misunderstand, here not putting any emotion, but putting LOVE which create a strong self motivation to do things better, solve problems, positive impacts etc.

So ya, I always did tha when even I work for social Development for VSHR, I put all my LOVE in that. That's why I can always inspire myself to learn new skills, can put my social development work over my personal things, stand on any issues of any project/department facing and solve that, can work all day with my smile on my face. And also constantly focus to create and sustain a culture inside VSHR where member can put their LOVE at their social development project works. If you are doing this, awesome keep that up! Thumbs up for you. If you are not yet, let's start putting your LOVE now! It's going to make you better!

Oh if you are reading and finding your passion on this, you can also JOIN VSHR, and learn and practice that "how to Put LOVE at work"!


We always welcome great people and the people who wanna be great, to be part of our team VSHR.

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