[A leaders' Must-know] Teamwork dysfunction level 1 - Absence of trust

The most common symptom for a team that has a low trust level is that its members are not willing to be vulnerable in front of others. Team members try to cover their weaknesses, and outside they always show that they are superheroes. The reason for this symptom may also come from internal competition, therefore everyone just cares to protect their reputation.

This makes it difficult for the leader to assign the right task for the right person. Furthermore, the leader doesn't know the exact issues going on that delay the team’s speed to achieve the team goals in the shortest time.

A high performing team should always strive to find a way for internal competition that’s based on fairplay and transparency. This, in the first place, should be made the highest priority for the team leader to set a clear expectation, at the same time to lead by example. A KPI for this can be included in a year-end bonus review which states clearly the importance of building trust with your teammates. Any individual trying to provoke the trust within the team should find another place outside the team. The next level of actionable item is to implement the team’s effectiveness exercises, MBTI psychometric test, or 360 degree feedback.

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