A Look at Talent Management and the Relevance of Culture

Human resources seem very familiar, to the point we automatically regard people as “resources” of the company. Why don’t we take another approach to see people as talents, those who contribute strategically to your organization?

Now it’s the “talent” part, what’s about the “culture” part? For an organization to thrive, it must focus on fostering talents by developing a working environment for those talents to bloom, and here’s when the culture thing takes place.

Why a talent choose to stick with one company?

A very big reason why talents choose to stay in a company refers to the company’s culture, and a great deal of credit goes to the leadership team. True leaders are those who commit to big goals with a mission to create innovation and satisfaction for everyone involved. True leaders are also those who create an environment where talents are able to renew and challenge themselves everyday. If all leaders of every level commit in unison to create such an ideal environment, it is for sure that anyone would choose to stick with the company in the long run.

How can we measure the index of people and culture?

Going a bit into details, behind the outstanding results and the success measured in numbers is the people and the company culture. In today’s world of collaboration and streamline communication, business leaders are (almost) always on the lookout for how they can bring better values for their employees and clients. Generally speaking, great leaders have targets, and a very clear one at that. The target in question is to have every single person as an embodiment of their own company’s values. From that very target, they set a time bound.

But remember, we are talking about businesses, and businesses go hand in hand with measurements. What exactly are the measurements for that grand vision of providing a better life for employees?

They do that by executing this ideal of using vision as direction and measure by milestones. In addition, there must be the presence of technology to measure the index of people and culture, but to be more concise, how? In this case, other than having a team to support the business in people and culture, a company should also have a team for consulting and training on digital transformation. People transform in mindset, but we also need tools to go fast. The technology scene behind talent and culture in the workplace will be further discussed in our next articles, we would love to have your attention on that.


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