A magic wristband which can connect and read your mind

Recently I wrote an article about, Healthcare 4.0 is not a myth anymore and it's happening now. There are 12 technology and Innovations are going to reshape the healthcare on 2020. Though my this article series I will give you a good understanding of each of this technology innovations and why they are reshape the healthcare on 2020. Let's call this series care2020 (#care2020) and this is the part 3. Previous was one was - A diverse Global Bio Bank to make medicine more effective.

Thomas Reardon, CEO and co-founder of CTRL-Labs, was saying -

“I want machines to do what we want them to do, and I want us to not be enslaved by the machines,”

Imagine a person has a paralyzed hand, then a device enable him to control any technology devices directly through a signal from brain? We saw these type of things in science fiction movies for years. Now this is not a just a science fiction anymore! CTRL-Labs is inventing a wrist band named CTRL-kit, which detects the electrical impulses that travel from the motor neurons down the arm muscles and to the hand almost as soon as a person thinks about a particular movement.

The hunched-over posture and fumbling keystrokes of the smartphone era represent “a step backward for humanity,” says Reardon, a neuroscientist who, in a past life, led the development of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Reardon say also added.

The technology could open up new forms of rehabilitation and access for patients recovering from

  • a stroke

  • or amputation,

  • as well as those with Parkinson’s disease,

  • multiple sclerosis

  • and other neuro degenerative conditions!

Facebook has splashed out as much as $1 billion to buy CTRL Labs. The tech giant announced that it has bought CTRL Labs, a four-year-old company based in New York and co-founded by Thomas Reardon, the creator of Internet Explorer, and Patrick Kaifosh, a neuroscientist. The deal was Facebook’s biggest acquisition in five years.

The next article is on 5th technology and innovation, will reshape the healthcare in 2020 - A disruptive research to kill cancer.


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