A message for the interviewees of Genius Upskill Scholarship Program

Good morning Candidate !!!

What a lovely day so far. Tomorrow you have the scholarship interview Session. Your this interview session will define your level of scholarship. So few tips here to do well for this interview .

  • Don't memorize but understand anything you read about VSHR and this GUP scholarship program.

  • Never forget your first mission should be - Be a good human

  • Be 15 mins before time, and let VSHR office know (room 3.10) you have arrived already.

  • Stay Clam

  • Don't skip breakfast and lunch today and drink water regularly.

And last thing is feel HAPPY !! You got the scholarship interviews invitation, there are many could not get this but you got! So be happy about that, stay smiling and come over to meet us.

Looking forward to seeing you!!!

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