A Social discovery research on cider and beer in Vietnamese society

The purpose of the research: There is a concern in Vietnam recently a lot of people were drinking beer by thinking cider are not a beer. After observing that, we VSHR triggered a social research to understand what is actually running into the mind of the buys in the super markers.

A. The survey for people drink beer and cider

In our social research we saw almost 30% people are drinking beer who are 18 or less than 18 years old. And it also showing that there is pick almost 25% of the people started drink alcohol as soon they hit the 18 years of age.

According to survey results, people drink beer and cider for social reasons. The results also showed that most people drink cider because the taste is 35% and they think it is a healthy drink is 17%

All people think that the content of alcohol in cider is 3-5% and

in beer is 3-5%

Among the men and women that were included in this survey, the majority of the survey participants drank once a months 72.5%.

The number of bottles which people consume per time:

Surveyors know friend or sibling who’s under 16 and drinks or will drink cider:

The rate of people like beer or cider:

In the future, almost 70% people will drink beer or cider

Some people in the research do not drink alcoholic beverages because they have problems of health or not interested which has high rates than others reasons.


Ms Kim Nguyet

VSHR Social Research Officer

Alcohol Control Unit, VSHR

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