A story of a Scholarship program for your Career Development

We all have the chance to grow our career, and that opportunity sometime comes not in our expectation. In somewhat beautiful days, your boss comes to you and says : “You did your job pretty good, and now I’m gonna promote you to the manager position, managing 10 people...” Have you well prepared for that situation? Strong enough task management skill? people management skill? and also ...psychology would be very useful too when you become a high level manager.

Luckily my friend John Masud Parvez can show us some experiences that could be very interesting to find out. He is a nice and humble person, also he is the CIO of one of the biggest medical corp in Vietnam, and president of Health Revolution Vietnam with the goal to help people better with health services and knowledges.

He has a program called Future Leadership Scholarship: https://lnkd.in/fwSiGQh

The mission of this program is to help the professionals to grow the career, and this scholarship is coming from VSHR PRO academy, and the purpose of this academy is to come to a day when every Vietnamese professions will feel happy, save and comfortable to come and do their work, plus get all the support to grow the careers Should check it out for learning and preparing for the future Thanks

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