A tip for your time management to be successful

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

The registration for Vietnam's Amazing Student contest deadline has passed last night. So Big hand to all the stunning teams, hundreds of students, who have submitted their registration form. So from now the judge panel will start to review all the registrations. And announce the the team who are selected for the first round and connect them with mentor by 28 March 2019. Then we received your email here

Our response for an contestant's email - Sorry to hear that your computer give you such a trouble. But when I was reading your email, it clearly shows that how much it means to you - your project, the social development and helping the community. That's a great passion to live with and I really wish that you will live with that great passions everyday of your life. These are the passion which is going to make a better world for everyone here.

But Let's take it as a good lesson, focus on to do a better time management. One tips for you - set your laptop's clock 5 mins advance to the actual time.

We know some of the people will say you guys should be published but I think in our it's so important we show 'kindness' and also 'flexible'. We will inform our judge panel to review your registration and full consider for first round.

All the best and see you soon. 

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