Whether you're learning informally through searching for an article or in an academic environment like a workshop or online classroom, many experiences can deliver new and vital information that enhances your skills and overall knowledge.

Yet, there is a significant difference between learning and implementing what you have learned into real-life scenarios. Without practicing the latter, the training you have just occurred will be wasted, so it is crucial to have a strategy for executing implementation.

The truth is that self-learning does not begin and end after five to six hours of the training session. Here are some practices you can follow to make the most out of your learning experience:

1) Acknowledge the objective of training. Learning without implementation is a waste of time. Before the training session, learners should ask themselves, "What's the current problem I'm trying to fix via learning? What is the motivation behind what I need to learn?" Practice identifying the training goals and learning objectives before designing the course. This ensures that all team members are on the same page, work, and focus their effort on a common objective. 2) Schedule to adapt continuity implementation using an appropriate delivery strategy. To ensure that your training can maximize its impact on learners, provide training just when needed. Studies report that eighty percent of the training budget annually will be wasted unless continuity training programs already take place within the company. Maintenance coaching authorizes organizations and employees by giving them the means to design and support the company's formation and self-sustaining habits. 3) Align content with real-life scenarios and responsibilities. Assemble scenarios or stories that demonstrate positive outcomes. Include case studies and customer testimonials to add legitimacy. After taking the training, use these media to clarify how the learner can improve his on-the-job performance.

A straightforward test to see if we have been able to implement our new learning is to audit whether we are achieving better results. If you are getting the same outcome, and let us be honest with yourself, you will learn that you are not practicing what was in the training session.

4) Set yourself in the fitting mindset to start implementing knowledge The first step is to get your mindset focused on the desired result. Learners often report being incapable of retaining key learning points or recalling those after the training. These mental obstacles limit the application of learned knowledge to real-life work. One solution is to contact your trainer to look for a refresher course that can help improve your ability to recall. Reflection is also one of the most efficient ways to recall knowledge, determine gaps in training, and identify the barrier(s) to a powerful transfer of learning.

With Training 4.0, we provide our learners with not just an excellent learning experience but a set of practical and handful practices that you can easy to adapt to your daily working tasks.

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With Training 4.0, the programs provide the company with a practical yet handful solution for your middle manager:

  • Customer Experience Management (CX 4.0)

  • Leadership Training (Leadership 4.0)

  • Sales Training (Salesforce 4.0)

  • Digital Marketing Training (DM.40)

  • Digital Business Strategy

  • IT Leadership and strategy

  • Recruitment and Employer Branding

  • Digital Transformation (DX 4.0)

  • Digital Workspace

  • Manager 4.0

  • Employ Experience (EX 4.0)

  • Strategic Thinking and Communication

  • Recruitment and Interview Skill 4.0

  • Business Writing

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