Advantages of AI

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

It is obvious that technology has made our life better from music recommendations, map directions, mobile banking, etc. There’s always two sides to a coin, and that is the case with AI as well. Let's take a look at some advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

1. Reduction in Human Error

Human error means mistakes that human make from time to time. However, artificial intelligence can reduce errors and increase accuracy if they are programmed. The decisions taken by AI is based on both the information that they gather and use algorithms. Thus, when programmed properly, there is a reduction in mistakes.

2. Reduction in risks for human

Another big advantage of AI is that humans can overcome many limitation and risks by letting AI robots do risky things for us such as going to space, exploring the deepest parts of oceans, mining coal or oil. As they will not wear out in nature and can survive in extreme atmospheres or hazardous environment.

3. 24/7 Availability

Normally, humans work productively only about 3 to 6 hours in a day. Humans need to get some time offs and breaks to get themselves refresh and be ready for a new day at work. They even have some long time off to recharge their energy for their work life and personal life. However, AI can work without breaks as they don’t get tired and bored. Also, they think much faster than humans and perform multiple tasks at a time with accurate results.

4. Digital Assistance

Many organization nowadays use AI to interact with customers. This can help to the reduction of the need for human resources. The digital assistant also used in many websites to provide things that customers are looking for. Customers can chat with a chatbot to ask help for your problem. There are some intelligently chatbots which make human really hard to identify that they are chatting with a chatbot..

5. Faster Decisions

We - human beings are controlled by emotions and biases. AI on the other hand, is programmed to give out the results much more faster than human. Not only does it make decision based on algorithms but also practical in approach a problem, which ensures more accuracy in decision-making.

6. Daily Applications

Daily applications such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s OK Google are popular and used on a daily basis when users want to search on a map for a destination, take photos, reply to emails autonomously or even identify a song’s name. For example, going to a coffee shop, we hear a catchy song but don’t know the song’s name, all we have to do is say “OK Google what is that song”. It will show you the name as well as the singer of that song.

Source: Edureka, Jul 2021

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