AI, cloud etc. high technologies are weapons of VSHR to fight social problems

Social problem, social challenge is so major. VSHR often receive question from different followers or friends that how can VSHR make those positive social impact over the year?

First of all yes, VSHR clearly recognize this is such major challenge when we work on different social problem. So we face different things which always put ourselves on our toes. Have's have a look here to know how is our every day.

To tackle the monster social problems, one of our key weapon is the high tech solutions. We use technology to equip our members, constantly educate them on those solution, introduce them new technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud solutions.

Let's pick up some example to understand a bit more this. Currently VSHR uses Artificial intelligence (AI) for equipping all the VSHR members with all required knowledge in a short period of time, so in a very short period of time, they can start to give a big hand on the social impacts initiatives. Most likely VSHR is the only social organization in Vietnam could do it so far, even hardly we have seen something like that was implemented even in vietnamese companies.

Social media network is already something old technology but on top of that VSHR use artificial intelligence to provide first level of response to it's contacting person. So VSHR Fb page plays the role of automated helpdesk for the community. These two play a great roles for upskilling the member and also cut down the manual work.

VSHR has 260+ members and they are located all over Vietnam, even outside Vietnam. For connecting all the member together and driving them toward to a specific direction to make positive impact, our online workspace playing major role. When VSHR implemented this online workspace solution, it made drastic improvement on it's member's productivity. On 2018 total 105,000 micro task were completed on this online workspace. We are very comfortable to speak, VSHR is mostly the first and probably the largest social organization who could successfully implemented a online workspace like this, with such success.

VSHR will not stop it's venture on high tech utilization to make it initiative successful. Because VSHR's vision is to expand it's support millions of Vietnamese people. And VSHR believes that only possible by doing the right smart and high tech solution's utilization.

Let's watch the positive impacts created by VSHR on 2018!

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