All you need to know about Vietnam's Amazing Student Contest !

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

You are a student or in the age group between 16 - 24 years old and you are looking for skill development which will help you to fight back the fresh graduate unemployability problem. Then Vietnam's Amazing Student Contest is the right one for you. This article will give you all you need to get ready and register for the contest.

As a student you want to know what is inside that contest and what you need to do during the contest, how to get bonus point and how to get any support, all are available on this briefing pack click here

During the first round of the contest you will have a mentor to train you on - project management, problem solving and presentation skills. And During 1 month of first round, you will be creating a social project. That is boost the social entrepreneurship skill inside you. Have a look here, organizers also have given some sample project idea, you can pick one of them or can come up your similar idea or a new idea which match to the majors click here

That's it, that's all they needs to know

Vietnam's Amazing student is a annual contest and registration deadline for season 2019 is from now to 31 January 2019. But do not wait for the last minute, as if you register your team before 10 January 2019, then you will earn bonus point. How to register for the contest? It's really easy, the registration is online click here -

Beside that also join the student community of Vietnam's Amazing Student's student community named "VSHR Social Hub". All the student updates, contest ideas and a lot of tips will give given on this community. So Join Now ! Click here

Curious who will become your mentor in the first round? Have a look at the Social impact mentoring panel here. Want to know who are working on to make this contest happen? You can see the contest board and leadership team here. Wanna see the student ambassadors for the contest? Click here

Wanna read the other news regarding to Vietnam's Amazing Student contest to stay updated? Please read the section of Vietnam's Amazing Student on Vietnam Life Impacs new platform click here

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