Always Being Hungry for Knowledge is my Advantage by John Masud Parvez

Recently John Masud Parvez was on industry mentoring session and answering different questions of different industry learders about how they can grow their company culture, digital transformation work and also their personal development. One othe participants who is a HR Director of a coproration ask John -

Hay John, I am super impressed with all the programmes / courses you have completed . I would like to learn from you on how to get to these programmes from the perspective of time and cost and ROI.

Then John Masud Parvez was answering that

Thank you very much. It all started 100X hunger for knowledge. Those days I was squizing all my time out of the day to go though those courses beside my regular working hours.

2014 - 2015 thouse courses was offer as an earlier stage with really low fees model, and those are amazing investment for me, to decided and being super agreesive to learn and grow.

For me, it was simple. I wanted to go top of the organization, and I knew that one of the way for achieving that is the constantly learning, and more I learn, faster I can grow myself.

For ROI, ya, ROI? I am the youngest CIO of the Vietnam. Working for the coporation who is almost half a billion USD investment, 5000+, employees.

The amazing benefit what I got about this which I am going to share you now. Beside my coporate life I wanted to do things for community. Among those programs one of the program was at Stanford on entrepreneurship.

That program also significantly helped to develop my mindset, skill set to build something from the scratches. On 2017 when I was transformation my 4 years research to an NPO organization named VSHR. That program's knowledge was so great and helped me. Now the NPO has 300 members, 19 national initiatives and supported 250,000 Vietnamese people.

Then The HR Director replied

That's awesome

Then He Mentioned -

I would like to add related question on this -

If I chose to do for my learning which one would you suggest. My passion is in the following areas. 1) organisational transformation , 2) leadership coaching 3) Chang management 4) digital transformation.

Then John Masud Parvez replied -

Being HR Director your primary focus is people. So your first action to assess and identify the right work culture for your company, do perform the right cultural transformation.

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