Always’s #LikeAGirl Campaign: What's Matter about Doing Things Like A Girl?

In 2015, Always - a reputable feminine hygiene brand owned by P&G, successfully launched a communication campaign called “Always #LikeAGirl”. The campaign has achieved popular success to strengthen the brand attribute of “being confident” and increase brand awareness among potential customers.

The challenges

Having been internationally active on the market for more than 30 years, Always was considered a “mature” brand and losing its competitiveness over rival brands. Meanwhile, the consumer demand for millennial customers seemed excessive, resulting in great market potential for brands. Therefore, Always was required to come up with something innovative to stand out and capture the market.

Strategy & Executive

In 2015, P&G teamed up with Leo Burnett - a well-known global advertising to launch the “Always #LikeAGirl” campaign in an attempt to rejuvenate the brand.

Always has long inspired and advocated confidence among customers. However, entering puberty, especially during their first period, has greatly weakened girls’ confidence. This has encouraged Always to empower girls not only via the “superior protection'' feature of products but also by eliminating the “confidence killer” mockery, originating from the saying “Like a girl!”. The brand aimed to challenge the stereotype of this insulting saying and redefine it in a positive way, inspiring girls to regain their confidence.

The campaign was executed via:

  • Viral Clip: “Always #LikeAGirl” started with a social experiment in which participants were asked to do various things in a way “like a girl”. They recognized the distinct differences between young girls and older ones or young women. While young prepubertal girls performed boldly, the older ones and young women seemed shy and insecure. The brand then created a viral video inspiring millions of people around the world, regardless of their gender, to join the brand’s call for confidence and show people that doing something “Like a girl” means doing it with confidence and pride. Their “like a girl” actions were then shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter along with the hashtag #LikeAGirl

  • Social: The brand collaborated with famous bloggers to draw certain attention from the audience, then communicated the messages via other global communications channels. Besides, with a view to challenging male audiences about the inherent stereotypes, the campaign was also run on Super Bowl - the world’s most expensive advertising hour taking place right before the American football final.

  • PR: The campaign also included PR/ER activities supported by a variety of social influencers, social media and press releases on Telegraph, Washington Posts, Cosmopolitan, etc.

  • Website: The microsite #LikeAGirl was created, allowing girls and women to join the discussion on the topic and propose recommendations on tackling this issue of confidence and social prejudice.

The results

“Always #LikeAGirl” campaign has achieved enormous success with brilliant numbers, including:

○ Digital & Social:

○ Mass media:

  • 311 pieces of news covered by the world’s leading news

  • more than 20 women’s organizations accompanying

  • an award for “Breaking Social Prejudices” honoured by the United Nations Women National Committee

○ Purchase Intent:

  • 99% positive feedback

  • 92% increase in the purchase intent

The campaign has also been honoured for various prizes at Cannes Lions, including:

  • Platinum Award for Titanium & Integrated category

  • 6 Golden Awards for Film (Viral Film), Direct (FMCG), Medi (Use of Media Content), Cyber/Digital (Community Building, Social) and Promo & Activation categories

  • 2 Silver and 2 Bronze Awards for other categories




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