As Judge my 6 Criteria to measure a tech startup success at HIMSS 2019

I (John Masud Parvez) have been judge to different local and international events and contests. On that journey recently I was Judge for the HIMSS at Health 2.0 contest at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre, Thailand.

HIMSS stands for, The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society is an American not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving health care in quality, safety, cost-effectiveness, and access through the best use of information technology and management systems.

HIMSS was founded in 1961 and headquarters of HIMSS is at Chicago, Illinois, United States. Currently HIMSS has 50,000+ individual members; 570+ corporate members; 225 not-for-profit associations members

One of my roles at this conference to so share my perspective of the future healthcare and also be the judge for a set of health-tech startups and provide them feedback, marks for Health 2.0 contest.

After multiple rounds, there were the top 4 at the final round at this contest.

  • Biorithm- Amrish Nair, Co-founder, CEO, Biorithm, Singapore

  • Ayubo Life- Chandima Cooray, Co-founder & Strategist,, Sri Lanka

  • Telemedica Co., Ltd - Sarit Suriyasangpetch, Project Manager, Telemedica, Thailand

  • Saathealth - Dr Aakash Ganju, Founder and CEO, Saathealth, India

I was following these 6 criteria questions for assessing their startup initiatives because I think those are really critical for success of any startup on this era of 2019. Though this article I would like to share those 6 criteria questions with you,

  • How Innovative is the solution versus similar or existing solution?

  • Does the concept, product or service deliver a substantial or significant benefit ?

  • How effective is the solution to sustain this?

  • Is there a foreseeable market demand for this innovation?

  • How this innovation improve care outcome and the way healthcare is delivered?

  • How talented is the startup team?

If you are going to build a startup, if you are already building a startup, if you have a startup but want to scale up, if you already have a startup but having issues, then

Let's ask these 6 questions to yourself! Find out the answers, then you will be able to take your startup to next level.

After reviewing all the finalist project giving my score, this was the closing remark for the finalist startup teams and thought this article I also would would like to share with you that remark. If you want to be achieve in your life, let's stick to this belief -

If you can successful becoming a good human, then you can be successful whatever you try in your life


John Masud Parvez

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