Ask John Show by VSHR Pro Academy x Mr. Thanh C. Nguyen - Ep. 168

Updated: May 11

🔔 We are delighted to announce the 168th episode of ASK JOHN SHOW with

Mr. Thanh C. Nguyen - CEO & Founder, mplify Vietnam.

In this episode, we will discuss about

Road to success of a Chief Executive Officer

◼️ Date: Saturday, May 7 2022

◼️ Time: 11.00 AM

Can't wait to hear all those great stories and sharing from

our beloved guest!

Which questions that we will discuss in the show?

About Journey:

1. What are the top 5 key skillsets did you have to build as an entrepreneur and how did you build them?

2. Being an entrepreneur things like - setbacks, pressure, - how do you deal with them?

3. If someone wants to become a CEO, what are the top 7 skillsets that person needs to build? and tips?

About expertise:

1. What are your top 7 tips to raise capital for the startup?

2. What factors do you consider to make a difficult decision?

About vision on industry:

1. For entrepreneurs, will you suggest building or buying a business? Why?

2. What is your prediction on the technology industry in 2022?

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