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John Show Live (#AskJohnShowLive) Ask a question on a LIVE STREAM show. Here, John Masud Parvez and global experts on the subject share their expertise, story, and skill set continuity to help you achieve your goals and answer your questions. A specialist in the subject field is one who has expertise, experience, and success at a global/international level, respectively.

Who is John Masud Parvez?

John Masud Parvez is Founder and President of Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR). The purpose of “Vietnam Social Health Revolution” is to continuously develop capacity along the flow of scale and sustainable value, solve various health-related problems of Vietnamese community, and finally move forward to build a quality health service model for Vietnamese people. John also is the chairman of Vietnam's Amazing Student contest. In Professional Life John is Group IT Director of Hoan My Medical Corporation. Prior to that, I was in charge of developing a technical project from RMIT University. Recently John spent time with a community group sharing his opinions, philosophies with social impact and his life. In this article, we share some key highlights of the question and answer part of his shared session.

Which Topics John Focus On?

  • Career Success

  • How to reach to next level in your career

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Social media,

  • Entrepreneurship,

  • ​Leadership

  • and everything in between

Our Recent Expert Guests:

  • Alex Siow, Senior Professor, National University of Singapore (NUS), Ex-Managing Director of Accenture

  • Duc Nguyen, Regional Director, Votiva

  • Alan Ho, Senior Marketing manager, Ex-SAP, Ex-RedHat, Ex-Intel

  • Tasmiha Tarafder, Lecturer, RMIT University Australia

  • Miqual Angel, General Manager, Oakwood Apartment Ho Chi Minh.

  • And Many more !

If you want to become our guest speaker:

You are a person who has any of the following -

  • You love helping people and Love sharing

  • You are a subject matter expert

  • You are a success entrepreneur

  • You are a success professional (Senior Manager / Director / C-Level)

  • You found a non profit organization which is helping people

  • You have done something which you are proud of.

​YES? Then we will love have you in our Ask John Show Live (#AskShowLive). Please fill up your team, then our team will reach you very soon.

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Vietnam Social Health Revolution - VSHR Pro Academy

VSHR PRO Academy vision is to reach a day when every Vietnamese professional feels happy, safe at work, gets the necessary support to grow their career in industry and reaches their career success.

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