Ask John Show - Recording entrepreneur's experience

When you're talking and sharing, you're recording your life.

An entrepreneur's career journey will take a long time to build and improve day by day. In that journey, they have to face different barriers and difficult situations. Someone will note the memorable event by writing a diary or recording the video. But most entrepreneurs are busy with their work and life. They could have ten meetings a day with different people and departments. Moreover, some entrepreneurs don't even have time to take care of their life. That means it is hard for them to stay healthy both physical and mental.

That's why here is Ask John Show!

In this show, our guests talk and share career stories, working tips with our Host - John Masud Parvez.

✨Telling about stories - they are recording their journey

✨Talking about experiences - they are witnessing their improvement

✨Sharing their opinion - they are promoting themselves

✨Joining the show - they are building the reputation

Therefore, Ask John Show will help our guests save the sharing moment by recording then posting on the social media platform. After that process, the show will archive the guests' value. And those values will become precious treasures in the future.

By sharing, you can help the community!

The Ask John Show's target audiences are 25 to 30 years old, so when the guests share experiences, they also bring value and mindset to the community. More and more people will be affected and inspired by a speaker. And because the good value is spreading to everyone the world will become better

Furthermore, the young generation should be led by experienced people because they are potential resources for the future world.

If you are an experienced person, then join us to help beginners! Your good must be spread to others and this world should be a better place for your presence!


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