Ask John Show - The ideal program for the business learner

Students and learners always try to acquire specialized knowledge and skills. Besides that, the young generation has to work actively with many people in class or some school clubs. The youngsters try to push themselves to integrate into the new community. Because in that way, they can receive more and more experiences and make new relationships with different kinds of people.

Why do they want to connect with new people?

Undergraduate students desire to learn efficiently to have a pretty work position in the future. Therefore, they spend their time taking part in different conferences, workshops and communities to listen to successful career stories. They work hard to complete some missions that they have not done before to improve themselves. They use all effort to create something unique to be different. They also hope to find out and learn from the forerunners about the study, job and life.

During this process, the young people receive many things but they don't know how to choose the right things for them.

  1. Which knowledge should they focus on?

  2. Are those opinions reliable? Should they follow the advice?

  3. Which way should they follow up?

  4. Who will be the one to help them when they face barriers?

Ask John Show - The ideal program for the business learner

Therefore, the mission of Ask John Show is to provide the opportunity for both audience and guest. In the show, the guests can share their experience and stories for promoting their personal brand. And the young generation can get and learn what they want to know. In another way, the guests will be good "mobile" mentors and also inspirators for the young people.

  1. The guests talk about knowledge, the audiences learn new reality things.

  2. The guests share skills, the audiences get the effective way.

  3. The guests tell stories, the audiences understand deeply.

  4. The guests give advice, the audience can follow it assuredly.

If you are a student or a business learner, let's join us to get inspiration and listen to understand more things about your career.


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