Ask John Show - What is the core value of Ask John Show?

In the 21st century, the improvement of the technology industry leads to an enormous effect on everyone's work life. Everyone needs to know how to use electronic equipment, software and some special tools in a particular industry to make out productive work. Fortunately, thanks to big data on the internet, people can learn and understand everything they want to know. They can use keywords to search about the restaurant location, the way for a family's vacation, the word they want to say and the new knowledge they want to know.

However, the main barrier to the internet is the massive amount of information. People always spend many times finding the correct and reliable answer. When they need to finish the work in a limited time, they are stuck in many suggestions and opinions from different sources of knowledge.

These points only mention the problem people meet when they do the basic research on the internet. Therefore, it is hard for people to improve themselves in their career by the internet besides the real jobs and the school theory. So all people need is the right way to go and the right person to follow up. Because when they have a target and a clear solution, they can get the goal confidently and productively. People know what they should do and what they need to do when they have the right way and will not give up easily when they have a person who can inspire them.

Therefore, the core value of Ask John Show of VSHR Pro Academy is helping people find out their right person and the suitable suggestion to follow up. Ask John Show cooperated with many C-suite people with different topics about the business administration work. We focus on updated tips and solutions to help professionals, entrepreneurs, young people break their career barriers.


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