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In the world of commerce, BRAND is the image, impression and recognition in people's and community's minds when someone mentions it. It can be the conversation's topic, the name which people are familiar with, the meaningful story for someone's experiences and the power extinction for somebody. And BRAND can be the products', the company's and a person.

Why is the leaders' personal brand important?

An entrepreneur's personal brand will define the quality of the company. As a leader of an organization, people always need to represent the company take part in some events and transactions. In that case, the leader's behavior will be an impression in people's minds about the company:

"Mr X/ Ms Y is a smart person, his/her company is developed"

"This person has a very clear and logical reasoning and thinking, their business must be very well managed"

Therefore, it is essentially about building the personal brand for a leader.

About leader's personal branding building, there are varieties ways to do that and here is some general situation:

  1. The personal brand is built when the leader presents his/her knowledge and mindset about work and career to discuss some topics.

  2. This individual image is made when the leader shares opinions about professional information with a particular audience.

  3. Another better way is for the company leader to make out some suggestions and tips to help the young generation.

In conclusion, the best way to promote the leaders' personal brand is by showing their understanding of specialized knowledge and providing value to society.

ASK JOHN SHOW - Where a company leader promotes the personal brand!

Guests who take part in Ask John Show have a chance to share their career journey, expertise and vision on the industry with our host. They will answer questions that are related to their profile and experience. In that way, the conversation is natural, such as the friends' talk. Besides that, our audience will receive and know more information and experiences about a successful entrepreneur.


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