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Updated: Mar 26

In Ask John Show, we focus on three main fators

  • Achievement

Instead of comparing with others, employees always focus on personal work improvement and are willing to take on new challenges which drive them to grow in these ways. Therefore in the show, we invite many C-suite people from international companies to share their career journey and tips to be successful. In that way, audiences have some new ideas for their own career and reposition their work’s targets.

  • Business Management

Every person wants to know about managerating and why does their boss act like that during the working time. But most bosses rarely share their mind in managerating, they will not explain why they make that decision. Therefore, we also ask our guests to share some important points in business management. In that way, audiences can get more information about how to act correctly when they approach their boss at work.

  • Adventure

It is suitable for people who are motivated by risk, change and uncertainty. They like challenges and want to be the first people in something unique. But in reality, they do not always have new ideas every day. So another purpose of Ask John Show is through guests' sharing, both guests and audiences can get some inspiration during the show.


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