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Updated: Aug 1

In the new month, the total positions in the technology industry were lower than 1240. Banking and Finance recruited the same amount of candidates, F&B and Marketing & Ads seeked for more than 130 positions.

First, in the technology industry, IT increased slowly from 495 to 521 positions, Internet had an upward trend and made up 266 positions. However, Software had a reduction from 510 to 451 this week.

This week, the business focuses on seeking staff of middle-seniors and associate level.

The second group, while Banking and Insurance had a downward change, Finance had a slight increase. Banking and Finance made out the same data which were 146 open positions. Insurance decreased 5 and occupied 55 positions.

This week, they focus on seeking Entry and Associate level.

In the third group of industries, there were a downward trend of Real Estate, Commercial real estate and construction had an upward trend this week. Real Estate had reduced slowly from 78 to 73 positions. Commercial real estate had risen from 27 to 33 positions and Construction gone up 8 open positions made out 18 vacancies.

This week, they focus on Entry and Associate level.

This week, both F&B and Food Production had an upward trend. F&B rose from 89 to 132 positions and Food Production went up to 56 positions. Both industries focus on recruiting at the middle-senior and associate level.

In the last group, there is a slight decrease of Retail and Consumer Goods, Consumer Electronics and Fashion had a slight increase. The highest data is Retail which made out 110 positions. Consumer Goods dropped from 82 to 65 positions. Moreover, Consumer Electronics and Fashion both rose 2 positions.

This week they need staff at Associate and Middle Senior level.

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