Bayer's "This Is Why We Science" Campaign: Humanizing Corporate Brand

Bayer - the world’s largest health and life science company, successfully launched its communication campaign called “This Is Why We Science” in 2019. The campaign has achieved popular success in raising brand awareness as well as improving brand favorability by featuring the benefits brought by Bayer and showcasing the strong connection between science and humanity.

The challenge

Bayer has been known for being the world’s leading health and life science company with more than 155 years of history. The company has been active in researching and developing a variety of products, ranging from pharmaceuticals and medicines to agricultural innovations helping seeds resist the adverse impacts of climate change.

However, due to the great popularity of Bayer Aspirin, most people seemed to think of the corporation as simply as Bayer Aspirin. Nevertheless, advertising in the pharmaceutical industry seems controversial and has never been a piece of cake. Thus, Bayer was in urgent need of showing the breadth of what the company does in a humanistic way to avoid unnecessary controversies.

Strategy & Execution

Teaming up with Campbell Ewald - a famous IMC agency in the US, Bayer launched the campaign via various media channels including commercials - broadcast, commercials - video and social media content. The “This Is Why We Science” campaign started with a 60-second video showcasing a range of Bayer work, ranging from pharmaceutical to agricultural industries. The brand had never thought of this as a pharma advertising campaign but wanted to focus on humanity. Therefore, their 60-second video included several scenes with the voiceovers emphasizing how beneficial Bayer science is to people’s lives. Besides, some other similar 15-second spots were also produced and concluded with the tagline: “This is why we science”.

The results

With the “This Is Why We Science” campaign, Bayer has successfully humanized the corporate brand and achieved initial goals and objectives. Studies have pointed out some impressive results of the campaign, including:

  • 4.1% increase in overall brand acceptance

  • 8.1% increase in unaided awareness

  • 5% increase in brand trust

  • 11.3% increase in brand awareness

  • 12.7% increase in brand favourability

Besides, the campaign was also honoured with an award for Branded Drug TV category at the 2020 Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards.

Watch the “This Is Why We Science” TVC here






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