Be on time, focused, brave and ready to tackle the day.

Was running a mentoring session with professionals who is currently getting an issue with the progress on the projects. The problem from the young professional is here

John, I am having an issue. The project I really would like to move forward but every time I am getting in a vital point I am feeling like I am not getting an issue example - not right response from my client, project meeting was as sound as I expected, I was not getting satisfied with the progress. How I can handle this problem?

Then my response was

Your problem is comic issues. So rather than a put a super dose, let's treat in a way so you can remove the root of the whole issue. I am going give you a framework which will help you do that. Let's start with this.

Be on time, focused and ready to tackle the day.

These focal points will help you succeed running your day to day operations. Being on time allows you to settle in and not be rushing into the day. You are in control.

Being focused of what goals and /or projects you need to accomplish for the day. Being ready, prepare yourself for what you are responsible for doing each and every day.

here is an example: Prepare yourself the night before getting documents ready, studying for meeting, challenges, even read about the team mates's progress, reviewing reports , training material, etc.

Another example: Do a walk thru of your organization, department, restaurant, hotel, corporation and so forth to talk to your leaders to discuss issues they may have or areas of opportunity and ways to help them grow individually by mentoring them.

This will also allow you to see where each place is for the day to see which place will need help the most or what they may need based on your expertise.

Be brave to speak what is the problem. If you see your leader or manager is lay back person and want to avoid problem. Then work more on that issue, prepare a detail report on that, and bring up to your CEO / C Suit Leader. First send an email and request for a five minute appointment and go and show the facts. Avoid speaking Judgements. Let your leader to judge. If you have a proper leadership team, then you will see, he/she will own your problem, and start to propose solution by himself. By this you may get some more work to do but you will gain credit, trust and support from top level.

If they dont like your facts and want to hide them and put you in difficult situation. That's great then two amazing things will happen to you

1. You know this is not the right leadership on this organization. You cant learn and grow, so moving to another organization will be right decision.

2. You even may get fired in worse case. That is also good, because now you know what went wrong in your approach, and then you can fine tune them.

Again -

Always be Brave, Honest and Authentic.

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