Being a bad interviewer how can negatively impact our personal and company branding?

Recently I was doing an social research among the job seekers and I found that there are around 40 - 60% time the they did not like the attitude of the interviews! So I would like to put a checklist for the interview, which will help to create great impression among candidates.

Let's start -

  • Treating candidates with disrespect – respect goes both ways

  • Not giving the candidates breaks and water

  • Asking candidates personal questions – whatever question you ask, they should be allowed to ask back

  • Grilling them with questions – interview is a professional meeting, not an interrogation. As a meeting, it should be a dialog.

  • Treating candidates like doormats. You want to hire people to work WITH you, NOT FOR you. Partnership with guidance is the best form of leadership.

  • Telling candidates you will get back soon if it is not your intention. It is unprofessional, unkind and unbecoming not to get back.

If you have anyone of them, it's important to Stop these behaviors !


Because if you dont,

It's degrading your own personal branding and also your company employment branding !!!

And last thing to remember -

How you treat candidates says everything about you and your company.

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