Believe and act as 'Community first', own benefit at last, then you will you never lose!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

21st April 2019, was the graduation day of VSHR Academy's Genius Upskill Program. Through this graduation total 35 scholars were graduated for season 2018. The purpose of VSHR Academy is to create social champion to help the Vietnamese people. Graduation ceremony was kicked off by John Masud Parvez chancellor of VSHR Social Academy and he explained how, why, what this Social academy for! We would like to share with you the key parts of that kick off speech -

A big realization to trigger a passion, sacrifice to research for giving back to community, discovery of problem, hunt for solution to solve those problems, solve problems over scale to help Vietnamese people - That is VSHR.

Then he mentioned about what we should work together, with which purpose when it's come to solve a problem for humanity, community -

People are worried about healthcare in Vietnam, but how many actually doing things to solve those problems? Many are doing to solve those problems but in which purpose? those people are thinking their own benefit first or a community first?
People complain about community - medical community. But how many of those complainer actually did something to support those people who work in medical community without thinking benefits?

Then John mentioned what is his belief, and what is the purpose VSHR, VSHR Academy is working on -

My friends, scholars, I guess more or less everyone already know those questions answer. So now I will tell you what I believe in my life. The things make people worried, we should pay attention to that, and solve that together. We should think about to do things together to give the community first, as long we do that, it will come back to us.

For VSHR, we belief community first, we want to support and solve those problems. And we want to do it together, that's why we have created our VSHR Social Academy, that's why we created the GUP Scholarship program.
Though our social programs, we upskill our future medical community and non-medical community. We vision a future Vietnam, where people will help people, in workplace, outside workplace, anywhere as soon anyone needs help.

Then John Masud Parvez, mentioned about the scholar who are graduating for the season 2018 and show them a way and about their future roles for the community -

We VSHR, is working on to transform those worries and complains in to solutions, to help the Vietnamese people. You are already part of that journey, and this beyond the 'torch light' is one more milestone you are going to achieve in your journey.

Then he also mentioned how they can always inspire themselves, a guideline for them to stay always active in social development and the values they need to live with

Passion is great, but sometimes passion is not enough, needs the spirit to transform that passion to action, keep charging every day, include responsibility. The mixture is that I call 'obsession' to help people. When I look back my 6 years of social development, It’s my obsession. Let's try this, I am sure you will never regrade in your life.

And then he kicked off the graduation ceremony

Dear , friends, mentors, and beloved scholars, It's my honor to have you in our today's meaningful social graduation day. So Let’s start today's Beyond the torchlight !!!!

Highlights of Genius Upskill Program season 2018

  • Total 35 Scholars successfully achieved the awards. Among them 11 scholars also achieved HIGH DISTINCTION Award for their outstanding performance.

  • During the application round, 10% applicants were selected though 3 rounds of selection process for this scholarship program.

  • Among the scholarship winner almost 70% scholars are from University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh.

  • Total duration of the program was 4 months.

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