Building Social, Emotional and Advanced Cognitive Skills

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Social skills, emotional intelligence, and cognitive skills have become widely needed in many, if not all, professional environments. The demand for these skills are not simply a trend, it is evident how the possession of one or all of these skills significantly improves an individual’s performance.

1. Building Social Skills

According to the article published by the Indeed editorial team, social skill is an important skill to learn and one that a company or team can benefit from because it improves people’s ability to work in a team, collaborate, communicate, take initiative and empathize (2021). The ability to control and use one’s emotion accordingly is a much desired skill in any professional environment. There are various ways in which social skills can be improved. One of the ways to build social skills is to have an open mind and be aware one one’s surroundings (Indeed, 2021). Social skills are all about communicating, collaborating, and being present. Communicating is an important factor to improve social skills (Indeed, 2021). This can be done by asking open ended questions, practicing active listening and showing empathy to the person talking/sharing (Indeed, 2021).

2. Building Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has gained so much attention in the professional world due to its undeniable short term and long term benefits to an individual, to the team and sometimes, to the whole company (Golhar, 2018). Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can be improved by using active listening. As humans, we sometimes fall into a trap to always solve everything, and provide answers and solutions. However, intelligent people know how to utilize and manage their emotions that benefit certain situations. For instance, when there are stressful moments and there’s conflict between employees, intelligent people would be calm and reasonable (Golhar, 2018). Therefore, if one needs to improve or build emotional intelligence, they first must understand the importance of active listening and showing empathy to other people (Golhar, 2018).

3. Building Advanced Cognitive Skills

It goes without saying how essential advanced cognitive skill is in many professional environments. Careers like medicine, law, nursing, engineering, etc. are some of the careers that will require advanced cognitive skills due to the list of their responsibilities. Luckily, improving or building cognitive skills is a skill that has been studied and analyzed thoroughly throughout years now (Cooley, 2017). An article by Catherine Cooley advised that there are numerous ways to improve cognitive skills (2017). These include regular and consistent exercise, eating nutritious foods, taking breaks and getting enough hours of sleep and prioritizing mental health and well being (Cooley, 2017). Following these advice have been proven to improve or build a superior cognitive skill which is needed not just in the workplace but also in daily life where small and major decisions are constantly being made.



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