Business behavior culture in countries: Part 2 - Korea | RPO by VSHR Pro Academy

1. The boss is the owner

The owner of a company in Korea is usually the person directly operating and managing. The highest and most important positions are never given to outsiders: father is president, son is deputy, younger brother is deputy, and so on. Their owners are more authoritarian, autocratic, and emotional.

2. Culture of fate

Korean companies often build their divisions based on familiar and cooperative relationships: old classmates, acquaintances in relatives, family, or compatriots. If you want to apply for a job in a Korean company, it is more effective to have a referral.

3. Service culture

Superiors criticize, scold, direct subordinates, subordinates have the obligation to obey, obey and obey their superiors, the military's vertical cadre management mechanism: superiors obey, strictly discipline, amiability. Workers in Korea are afraid of being criticized or scolded by their boss. Sometimes this causes outsiders to see the Koreans behaving inhumanely as a group of soldiers

4. BALI BALI culture (빨리- fast fast)

The processing speed of Korean people is extremely fast, if necessary, they seem to turn into machines, but if it is too important or because the leader entrusted it, it will be very slow. Especially in large multinational corporations like Samsung's corporate culture.

5. Employees' overtime culture

Korean businesses often have a full range of remuneration, salary and monthly salary issues that do not make employees wonder much when staying overtime. The first days you go to work, you should avoid leaving earlier than your boss if you work for a Korean company.

6. Drinking Culture

Drinking alcohol at large and small company parties or meeting partners is common in Korean corporate culture. As a new employee, always be ready for this situation. Korean wine is quite light so you don't need to worry too much.

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