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With the urgent need for jobs as well as human resources that businesses need, it is inherently easy to find suitable candidates. However, the Vietnamese labor market is always changing flexibly, and competition between businesses is getting bigger and bigger, making the recruitment process difficult.

Therefore, now, businesses need to focus on the actual needs of candidates to deploy effective recruitment strategies.

Business’ first impression

Businesses should "refresh" their thinking, should not consider recruitment as a mere piece of news, but also business’ branding and internal culture. The business who has quality form or content of the job posting and matches the content trend will create a good first impression in the eyes of the candidate.

Candidates focus on work value

After the pandemic, the way of thinking and the need for work changed. Candidates are no longer focusing on positions offering high salaries, but they are willing to wait and choose other offers with better benefits packages or more flexibility in the actual situation. It can be said that today's job seekers are looking for more than just a salary. They want purpose in their work and understand their worth.

Mental and physical health comes first

Currently, physical and mental health is a top priority, the candidate also wants the company to ensure factors such as purposeful work, flexibility, competitive salary, favorable working conditions and skills development opportunities. With about 49% of employees willing to switch companies for better benefits,

HYBRID working model

Many companies in the list of 15 Best IT Companies in Vietnam 2022 share that they will officially include the hybrid working model (combining working at the company and working remotely) into the package of benefits and policies. Compensation for employees in this year 2022:

“Doctor Anywhere believes that adopting the hybrid working model is the most attractive and most valuable compensation during the COVID period.” – Doctor Anywhere – Top 2 Best IT Companies in Vietnam 2022

Provide learning opportunities for young candidates

With the spirit of curiosity, dynamism and ambition to develop… instead of putting much emphasis on salary in the first job, students want to have the opportunity to learn and gain experience and future orientation. Therefore, businesses need to have appropriate policies and job strategies for students in the working process, creating motivation as well as "retaining" resources in the future.

Is your business in need of personnel? Or are you having difficulty in the recruitment process?

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