Catch the trend with experiential marketing

Before the monotonous, easy to forget communication campaigns, marketers with unlimited creativity have made a big revolution in making customers "engraved" their brand through Experiential Marketing.

We know you’ve heard the phrase “experiential marketing” and you probably recognize it as what’s behind some amazing Internet content, but what is it exactly? How do you define the experiential marketing meaning?

This memory and emotional reaction generally transfers onto the brand and establishes a positive emotional connection. It offers a win/win for both marketers/brands and participants.

While some Fortune500 companies are creating experiences that rival blockbuster movies, experiential marketing activations needn’t be costly. It merely requires a focus on creating a WOW! moment and that generally means knowing your audience’s interests and emotional hot buttons.

Takeda wants healthcare providers to actually feel what it's like to have inflammatory bowel disease with its immersive "In Their Shoes" experience.

The two-day program aims to give an experience that is as close as possible to the disease's disruptive and painful nature. Takeda asks participants to fully commit to the immersive experience and begins each program with a pre-briefing for the participants.

“We always say to people, 'You need to take this really seriously. We've worked with patients who have told us how this disease impacts their life over the next two days really give it the respect that it deserves,” Luke Willats, global head of communications for Takeda's gastroenterology franchise, said.

Source: VSHR Digital Media

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